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Dragon Ball Z Android Saga: Cell Games Fan-Made Story


Credit- Project Image is from Dragon Ball Z: Attack of Saiyans

In a few days, the Cell Games will commence on T.V. as everyone is waiting to see the flyers and commercials. One T. V. Producer and director drove to West City News Station for more reports on the Cell Games, so they can market their show on radio and TV throughout West City.

Meanwhile, far away on Kami's Look Out there was five fighters with Mr. Popo, Korin & Yaribobe relaxing and enjoying lunch time to themselves. Everyone was smiling, and making light of the relaxed time until Future Trunks. spoke up about Cell and everyone started to listen. "I know we've been relaxing for a few days, but now we need to train for Cell." Everyone looked at Trunks and Goku responded, "Trust me, don't worry we've got a few days until the Cell Games start so I suggested we enjoy this time off." Gohan on spoke up as well and said, "Yeah, Trunks my dad is right. We got a few days before the Cell Games. so let's relax right now and train later." Trunks looked at both Gohan and Goku with a calm look on their faces. Trunks spoke up again, "Yes guys, I understand we have to rest, but I also want to work on my Super Saiyan form control just like you two did in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber!" Suddenly Vegeta looked at Trunks with a raised eyebrow look and started laughing at him. Piccolo looked at Vegeta with a serious, stern look and asked, "Why are you laughing Vegeta!? You still are not stronger than me in your base form even after the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta replied back instantly, "Says the Namekian who couldn't hold his own against first form Cell himself!!" Piccolo begun to give a serious narrow look at Vegeta while the others were looking at both of them. Vegeta continued, "Just because, you were able to hold your own against Android 17 doesn't mean you're better than me in strength and speed!! I was always better than YOU and those are the FACTS!" Piccolo responded calmly, "It doesn't matter whether if you think you're better than me right now, because you couldn't hold your own against Android 18 and Perfect form Cell. SO I don't want to HEAR anything from YOU!!!"

As soon as everything was being said, Trunks popped in and yelled, "DAD and PICCOLO stop arguing, enough is enough!! This is not the time for that unless you two want to fight in the Chamber." Vegeta and Piccolo turned their backs to each other and kept quiet for the time being. Trunks continued talking, "All right, I think it should be a good idea for us to start training now or do a warm-up sparring match before we head into the Chamber for a few months." Everyone nodded and Gohan spoke next, "You are right Trunks, we don't have to go hard and zap all of our energy with a warm-up sparring, which is the best option!" said Gohan in excitement. Trunks replied, "Okay Gohan, in that case let's go first out here (Kami's Lookout) before we enter the Chamber." Gohan nodded and got into his fighting stance, while Trunks got into his. Everyone backed away as Gohan and Trunks got in the middle of Kami's Lookout ready to start. Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta were very locked in to see what would happen between the two half Saiyans after the training their had. Gohan reverted back to his base form, because he wanted to test out Trunks' base form, since it was a warm-up session. Goku didn't mind at all and told Gohan not to transform to save energy for after the fight on maintaining his Super Saiyan form. Gohan and Trunks both understood and even Vegeta told Trunks not to transform as well to save energy for the Cell Games and see how improved his base has become. Vegeta also told Goku he wanted to fight him next after their sons sparred and Goku agreed to it with the same conditions. Korin and Yaribobe were happy to hear that, so they can rest from planting new senzu beans and enjoy their time off watching the battles from the Tower. Mr. Popo became the fight judge and asked if both fighters were ready. Gohan and Trunks both said, "READY!" Then Mr. Popo said, "Ready, Set, Fight!!" In a sudden burst, Gohan and Trunks dashed at each other with full speed and collided with each other as the screen pauses and showcases in bold letters: TO BE CONTINUED!!!...

The End.

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Credit- Project Image is from Dragon Ball Z: Attack of Saiyans


A Dragon Ball Z story about the Cell Games during the Android Saga. Up here writing stories and other blogpost. Credit- Project Image is from Dragon Ball Z: Attack of Saiyans.