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Top 5 Naruto Shippuden Fights I Wanted To See Happen!!


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5. TenTen vs. Temari

TenTen vs. Temari Photo

Yes, this fight is one of the first I wanted to see when I thought about this list. I wondered sometimes how a round 2 fight would be in Shippuden after growing older with more training. I think This could have happened in the beginning of Naruto Shippuden. Especially after the Kazekage arc when they rescue Garra and return to the Sand Village for a brief conversation with everyone before returning to the Leaf Village. Also, I don't mind this being a filler episode or part of a special, but specifically I want this to be in the cannon story for a follow-up from Naruto. Location of the fights would take place in the Chunin exams finals arena, where Naruto and Neji fought in part 1.

I can see this fight go both ways and the build up can be through a flashback from part 1 and have training scenes with TenTen showing her determination to not lose next time. Plus, I think it would be cool to see a friendly, kunoichi rivalry between two skilled and specialized ninjas, who use weapons for fighting and from different villages. It could be a Sakura-Ino like rivalry with a lot more serious scale and respect for each other. Another way this could be seen, is when the Sand and Leaf decide to become allies, but TenTen and Temari don't like each other a lot whole and want to battle it out. In this case, it makes sense, since the Leaf and Sand agree to help each other out on various missions. Overall, I want to see this fight play out for a potential friendship-rivalry between two skilled weapon kunoichi!!

4. Kakashi vs. Might Guy

Now, this is something everyone wanted and some felt they needed to see at some point in Naruto Shippuden. Not only in Shippuden, Naruto as well when they interacted alot during the Chunin exams. There was hints made about Guy and Kakashi have fought each other in the past and having a rivalry as well through games and other antics. (🤣😂)

I can see this happening in any part of Shippuden, whether it's filler, cannon, movie, special, OVA or spin-off, it doesn't matter to me as long as the fight has, comedic jokes, flashy animation, serious moments, small flashbacks, monologue thoughts, surprises, new justus, no interruptions and everything else in an Shounen anime fight. Lol 😂. The setting will be at the iconic Training Field during the daytime for a rise and shine design. Also, having Team 7 and Team 9 there to cheer on their sensei would be a great touch for crown reactions and side dialogue. Overall, this is one fight I definitely want to see fan made in an animation or manga for battle between Sharingan vs Inner Eight Gates!!

3. Team 7 vs. Legendary Sannin Or Naruto&Sakura vs Jiraiya&Tsunade

This fight is the number one fight I truly believe that was wasted, skipped over and nobody thought about or discussed from what I seen online. I'm sure not why we didn't see either of these fights happening in Shippuden, where it would actually make sense for a cannon training arc or a movie style storyline. Creating the plot would be very simple and linear to the audience and for the writers and animators to create a steady and strong buildup to the climax in the story.

One way this can happen is for the old Leaf generation to prepare the new Leaf generation through a hard intensive training program. Through the training program, the Original Legendary Sannin sees themselves in Team 7 and wants to officially pass the Leaf Will of Fire towards the New Legendary Sannin students. After they finish training, a new powerful enemy threatens everyone and they have to defeat the villain and seal them away for good.

This is something I truly wanted to see from start to finish, while giving more meaning for passing the torch to a new generation!

2. Nagato, Konan & Yamato vs. Obito & Madara

A great setting for this fight would be in the Fourth Great Ninja War after Naruto and Killerbee confront the Jinchuriki. It would be a great lead up for the original founder of the Akatsuki to fight the "co-founder" with a great deal of emotion and strength. I know everyone would definitely want to see how it would be in the Fourth Great Ninja War with Jiraiya's students matching on Obito and Madara for the all the trouble and pain they caused to their life in the Akatsuki organization. They could be Reanimated through Kabuto's jutsu from Nagato making him revive the others to fight for them, but last minute break free of the control. Overall, this fight would be the most emotional and thrilling experience to see in the entire franchise of Naruto to finish the arc all the way through. I definitely would enjoy to see this in an movie style format for the final fight!!

1. Tsunade vs. Mei Terumi

Do I need to say anything more about this missed opportunity fight or acknowledgment for the two best kunoichi in Naruto Shippuden! I would have like see to this happen in a funny, serious and unique way between the Lady Hokage and Lady Mizukage. The lead up to this can happen after the Five Kage Summit, where they decide to have a meeting before the Fourth Great Ninja War starts and have some personal tension from the past. They could have a little back and forth banter when it comes to strength, justu and appearance then a fight would ensure to settle their little "rival" from the past or current day. This could also spark a debate between who is the popular kunoichi and leader in the Naruto Ninja World. Whether this is involved in cannon, filler, OVA, special or fan made, it would be cool to see in general between two great kunoichi women.

The End.


Fights I wanted to see in the Naruto Shippuden anime that could of been interesting if they happened. I wanted to see these fights and the build up for it through an episode, movie, special, OVA or filter. I would even take a fan-animated version as well, if one existed or someone created it. (Haha😂) Order is not important for this list. Anyway, enjoy reading and let me know your top 5 fights you wanted to see and why in the comments.