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Random Thoughts Writing: The Second Two


I wrote this story with the help of Deepstory.ai on the ScriptBook website!!! 

Check it out and enjoy reading the story below!! :)

Setting: Sidewalk- on Rubble Road- 4pm

Two people are walking on Rubble road discussing about

their last mission going left, when someone forgot

to bring the right items for the objective.


I cant stop thinking why their forgot about the items we needed for the mission?


(To Poca)

They said that the blue mission

pants had enough pockets and extra

space to hold the items.

Suddenly, a loud crash occurs near them and something

shows up across the city.


What's that!!??

James responded in a calm manner to Poca


It's nothing. It's probably just

an old jeep driver that fell. hahaha

Poca then gets mad at James for saying a joke.


James stop joking around!! Do you

even know where that loud crash

came from in the city?

James says sorry to Poca for joking around and starts

to get serious.



I am not sure, where that crash

came from or how to track it.

Turns to Poca and speaks out

I think that jeep's probably crashed into something and was stopped

for a moment before it exploded on contact.

(Poca turns to James and responds)


James. Since you're good at detective

findings, I think we should go check it and see what happened.

(points in the northeast direction with her finger)

I know the nearest city is about a mile away with the signs I saw


James ponders about her suggestion and decides to go

to the corner of the city about 2 hundred yards


After moving towards the direction of the crash, James

and Poca stop at a safety station to ask a question

about the loud crash that happened.


The commander told us to report

anything new to him, that it could

be anything and that they can provide

us a report when they have it.


Okay, I got you and I understand. Well, lets go inside this safety station and see what we can find.

James and Poca walk into the safety station and begin their search to find out what happened at the loud crash a mile away.

The End.

What do you think about this story? Leave your thoughts in the comments! :)

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Random Thoughts Writing: The Second Two. The second random thoughts writing blog post that involves any ideas, topics or stories that come to mind and see how they flow on the page. 😁✍