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Random Thoughts Writing: The First One


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All right! LET'S GET STARTED!!πŸ‘πŸ˜€

Scene 1

It was a normal day like any other at the Kami Outlook with Mr. Popo, Dende, Piccolo, Korin and Yajuibo . They were relaxing and enjoying sunny weather upon them after a long rainy day earlier in the week. Piccolo was mediating with Nail and Kami inside his mind, Mr. Popo was watering his garden and planting new seeds, Yajuibo and Dende were making jokes about each other and laughing, while Korin was sitting down on the floor napping away.

A few minutes later Gohan, Krillin, Goku and Vegeta show up at Kami Outlook in the front where everyone is located expect Piccolo. As they land, they wave at everyone expect for Vegeta and greet them with a smile. Piccolo isn't aware they have arrived, since he's busy mind training with Kami and Nail. Dende & company greet Goku & company and catch up about old times. Goku says, "Wow! I can't believe It has been 10 months, since we eliminated Kid Buu! And all of you haven't change much! Hahaha!" laughed Goku with a big smile. "Yeah, you guys haven't change much either, except for Gohan since he's wearing a business suit." said Dende while looking at Gohan. "However, I should expect that since he said he wanted to be a top scholar at his school and business owner."

 Gohan looked at Dende with a smile and responded, "Yeah, you're right Dende, I said I wanted to be a top scholar plus a business owner one day." He pointed at his backpack. "I had a class presentation today and a quiz, so that's why I have on a suit today. I also passed both with high scores!" Dende responded, "Oh that's excellent Gohan! Glad you passed both and doing well in your school studies!" Dende smiled with excitement. Gohan bowed and said, "Thanks Dende! I really appreciate it!" He stood up and looked around for a second. "Hey, where is Piccolo? I thought he would be here?" Dende replied, "Oh he is at the back of building doing mind training with Kami and Nail. He usually does it in the mid-afternoon." Goku spoke up, "Woah, I didn't know Piccolo still did mind training. I thought he stopped after Buu was eradicated." "Yeah I thought the same thing since it's been so long a villain has arrived on Earth." Said Krillin.  "That's true I agree with you both and he did take two months off to rest, relax and travel the world, then came here and started training again." Said Dende. "I know that is the best Namekian Fighter we have and he is second-in-command to me as a potential Grand Elder and Protector of the Earth Dragon Balls. So I can see why he wants to stay prepared and mentally focused for this position." 

Vegeta smirked at Dende's comment and said, "It's doesn't matter, if he trains alot and does his mind training. He couldn't even match up with any of the Buus and struggled against Cell. So how can he ready for anything?" Goku spoke up to Vegeta's comments, "Well, Vegeta you couldn't handle any version of the Buus and you had a hard time fighting Cell in his perfect, even though you had a chance to end it in his pervious form." Goku stated with a joking casual tone. However, Vegeta responded back in anger, "DON'T TALK LIKE THAT TO ME KARAROT!!! YOU couldn't handle any form of Majin Buu yourself and you could barely handle Cell head to head!" Then he pointed at Goku and emphasized, "You also gave Cell a Senzu Bean, so he can be refreshed to fight your son! WHAT KIND OF WARRIOR DOES THAT IN BATTLE WITH THEIR LIFE ON THE LINE!!" Then Goku got a serious look on his face and said, "Vegeta, you know why I did it to unlock Gohan's potential for the best chance to win. He was the only one who could truly defeat Cell with a little motivation and drive." "SO! You still didn't have to give him a Senzu Bean, that choice should of been Gohan's not yours!" 

The air got intense with Goku and Vegeta staring at each other with serious looks a few feet apart. 

Then Krillin and Gohan got in between them and said collective, "Woah, stop arguing with each other, what's done in the past is done. We are better and stronger now after those fights."  Vegeta and Goku still staring at each other intensely. Mr. Popo and Dende chimed in, "Yeah, it's okay Goku and Vegeta, it happened in the past and everyone is alive again, so can we move on from this?" 

Goku and Vegeta calmed down immediately, then shook hands and laughed out loud with each other. Goku spoke first, "Wow, Vegeta! I didn't know if you were serious or putting on an act with this one! Haha!!" "I know we settled this argument before when we were in the Other World together and after Majin Buu." Vegeta kept laughing and spoke up, "Yes, of course we did Kararot! Haha. I just wanted to see how you would be when I bought up the conversation. Haha!!" 

Everyone had confused and stunned looks when Goku and Vegeta were laughing. 

"Wait, were you two joking about you said to each other? Said Gohan. "Yes, son we were joking and we settled this a while ago." Said Goku. Then Krillin said, "All right, well that's good you two finally put aside your differences." "Yeah, now that's over. We can wait for Piccolo to finish his training." Said Dende.

Scene 2

Inside Piccolo's mind he was training with Nail and Kami. Until a strange figure appeared in front of them. "Who are you?" Said Piccolo. "Hahaha. I surprised you don't recognize me, Namekian." Said the figure. 

"You be ashamed! I am..."

Story ends here.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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