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TenTen's Encounter at the Leaf Ninja Military Headquarters I Part 1


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Scene: Training Field 8-Daytime

TenTen is laying around after doing a workout at the Training Field. A few minutes Ino and Hinata arrive at the training field and walk up to Tenten.


TenTen! Why are you lying down?

Tenten looks at Ino while on the ground.


I have to go to the Ninja Military Training Center.


Why are you going to the training center?


I don't know. I feel like it's important.

I just don't know if I will make it through the whole week.


Ten stands up and walks up to Ino and smiles at her.


Why don't you two take a nap and I will be back after my meeting with the ninja military officials.

Tenten starts walking away from Ino and Hinata and to head to the Ninja Military Training Center.

Suddenly, Hinata calls TenTen


Wait! Tenten before you leave I want to get you something.

Tenten looks at Hinata, as she pulls an item from her jacket.


I wanted to give you this necklace and bracelet before you left for the Ninja Military.

(Gives the bracelet and necklace to TenTen)

I think this will look good on you and a token of remembrance from Ino and myself.

Tenten grabs the items and hugs Hinata immediately.


Thank you so much Hinata for the necklace and bracelet!! Both of you saved my life on the last B-rank mission we had together!

(continues the hug)

I'm so thankful for everything we've been able to do, but it won't be long until we see each other again.

Ino and Hinata nods in agreement. Then TenTen moves away from Hinata and hugs Ino too, before she leaves them.


I am going to miss you so much Ino for the memories and missions we had together and the fights too. Hahaha!

(TenTen laughs and Ino responds)


We both had a lot of fun hanging out with each other and everything we did was unique, tough and creative when we completed missions with others too!

(Sighs and smiles)

However, now it's time for you to go TenTen, so you are not late and being yelled at from Lady Hokage. Haha!

TenTen stops hugging Ino and nods her head before saying her farewell to both of them.

Ino and Hinata then walk off the training field to head towards the Leaf Village.

TenTen dashes through the trees for a good ten minutes before arriving at the Ninja Military Headquarters.

Next Scene: Ninja Military Headquarters- Daytime

Once TenTen got there, she walks to the front gate and rings the bell. The door opens and a Leaf Ninja Official named, Madam Clover walks outside.


Welcome to the Ninja Military Headquarters. I am the top ranked Leaf Official named MADAM CLOVER!

We are here to go over the list of training rules, regulations and consequences to observe and obey, in order to become the top ranked ninja soldier at the Hidden Leaf Ninja Military Headquarters!!!

TenTen looks at Madam Clover and sees her tall, slim, powerful figure that showed off confidence andrespect. She had long red hair, red eyes and medium-sized lips and wore a high-ranked ninja military greenoutfit from head to toe with a big headband tied to her left shoulder,while wearing combat boots and leaf symbol earrings.

TenTen stared at her and look amazed at everything she was wearing and the stern confidence she presented.


Wow! Of all people, you are very gorgeous and your real beauty stands out the most!

(Smiles and has big bright anime eyes with mouth open full of excitement and happiness)

And real ability with a strong presence of confidence and power with how you command a room!! You look almost

stronger than Lady Tsunade and Sakura combined!

Madam Clover looks at TenTen and accepts her compliment

with a smile. Then, she becomes serious and yells at

TenTen with a high pitch voice.

Madam Clover

Young one thank you for the compliment, but there are only a few well-trained and dangerous recruits that can go with us in the ninja military.

(Continues to explain to TenTen)

And it's a very dangerous journey to join forces with the likes of the same people acting like you right now!

You need to intimidate anyone that cometh towards you in battle, life, training and your pride!!


TenTen is shocked and taken aback with what Madam Clover

said to her and immediately straightened up and saluted



Yes, Madame Clover!!! I understand what you are saying and I will do my best to be a well trained and dangerous

recruit for the Ninja Military Headquarters!!

Madam Clover looks at TenTen and smiles at her action

of being in a saluting position. She then commands her to

be at ease and go to the wait room inside the military

headquarters building.

Next Scene: Leaf Ninja Military Headquarters Building- Wait Room- Late Afternoon

TenTen walks inside the room and waits for her name to be called for the next step.

As she is waiting, a tall and bulky man walks into

the room wearing dessert travel clothes with a green

scarf wrapped around his waist.

The man had three eyes, big nose and ears plus looked

very serious with calm demeanor to him. He sat beside

TenTen and looked across the room at the blank wall.

TenTen spoke to the man.


Good morning my name is TenTen,

how are you doing today!!!

(Smiles at the man and waves at him)

Hope everything is going well for


The man looks at TenTen for a second, then ignores

her and looks back at the blank wall.

TenTen speaks to the man again.


Huh? You going to be ignore and

not acknowledge me at all?!!

The man ignores her for a few seconds, then looks at her and says....

End of Part 1!! 

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I do NOT own Naruto and this is fanmade. 
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A fanmade story about TenTen from the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden franchise, where she meets a character from an anime franchise with the same first letter in their name. This is part 1 of the story and part 2 will be released soon. Thanks for reading the description and shoutout to ScriptBook/Deepstory AI for creating an AI Script writing tool! Bold- Means Action scene :) Project Image background credit: https://www.deviantart.com/lwisf3rxd/art/Parque-de-Entrenamiento-de-Sesei-Naruto-427621763