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TenTen's Encounter at the Leaf Ninja Military Headquarters I Part 2


Created on February 26th, 2021 and uploaded on March 10th, 2021

This a continuation of the story from part 1. If you haven't read it, you can check it out here. I do NOT own Naruto and enjoy the story!

Bold-Means Action scene

Scene: Leaf Ninja Military Headquarters Building- Wait Room

TenTen hears the man and responds in a negative tone.

Hey! You heard me say my name and

I am slightly annoyed now!

(sticks out her tongue at him)

Good bye rude man! Hmph!!

TenTen crosses her arms and turns her back to the man,

who is still looking at the blank wall and says something.


Why are you mad at me? What have

I done wrong?

(Looks at TenTen)

Do you want a glass of water or something to cool down?

Tenten looks at the man with an annoyed attitude.


NO! I don't want any water!

And yes you did something wrong!!

(points at the man)

You seem to have taken a bad turn

against me!! And you better apologize

to me!!

The man looks at TenTen with angry stare and speaks in a harsh tone.


I had enough of your attitude little

girl. You better drink some water right now

if you don't want any problems with me!

TenTen stares back at the man and walks closer to the man before giving her harsh reply.


Yeah okay!! What are you going

to do? I had enough of your attitude

towards me by not responding to


(Tenten looks at the man straight in the eyes)

I won't eat with you! I won't be

your friend if you are going to

act this way!

(TenTen makes an angry sigh)

The man looks at TenTen with a slight angry look and

his ears focus on what she said to him. Then he responds

with a strong remark.


You will get what you want to give!!

So if you give me a bad attitude,

then you will receive a bad attitude

little girl!

TenTen was ready to yell back at the man with clenched



Argh!!! You are the one with a

bad attitude! And stop calling

me a little girl! You-

A receptionist suddenly walks up to the both of them

and interrupts the conversation.


Excuse me, are you the new male

recruit who signed up for an appointment

with the Leaf Ninja Military Headquarters?

The man and TenTen looked at the receptionist talking

and the man nodded his head.


Yes, I made an appointment last

week and I am here to see the ninja

military director for more details

from my village.


Okay that's great! The director

is here and I will take you there

after we do some check-in test

and look over your information.


All right, I understand and thank

you for letting me know the director

is here.


No problem! Just follow me and

we will get your tests and information



Nice, I will follow you right now.

The man and receptionist leave the wait room together

and goes toward big red double doors behind the receptionist


As they are walking, TenTen stops them for a few words

while she puts out her left arm.


Hey!! Wait!! Before you go, can

you tell me your name please? I

know we argued at each other, but

I want to at least know your name.

The man stops, looks at TenTen, smirks and starts to



My name is Tien Shinhan from a small special village far away

from the ninja military headquarters.

(pauses and continues to talk)

You can call me Tien and I know

your name is TenTen, since you

said it earlier to me.


TenTen didn't move an inch, just listened to what he

said to her.


So, your name is Tien Shinhan from a small village and people call you Tien.


(Thinking) That sounds interesting, never met someone with three eyes and has a T for the first letter and N as a last letter like me.

TenTen rubs her chin and shakes her head a little bit.


Well, it was nice to meet you TenTen

and sorry for what happened earlier.

I have to go now and I will see

you later.

Tien waves goodbye to TenTen and walks off with the



Okay, bye Tien, it was nice meeting

you too and I will see you around


(waves goodbye)

After they wave goodbye, TenTen is called up for the

wait room and is checked in for different tests and

information for the ninja military headquarters.

Once the check-in process is complete for TenTen, she

is given a key to her room and told to visit Madame

Clover tomorrow morning at the Ninja Military Training


Once in her room, TenTen takes a shower, watches tv,

eats food and lays in her bed to sleep for the next

day. Not before setting her alarm as a responsible

ninja. Hahaha.


(thinking in her head)

Wow, today was a really long day

and I can't wait for tomorrow.

*Yawns* I am too tried and need

to sleep.

(rolls over and covers herself with the blanket)

Tien Shinhan, huh? He sounds interesting

and I want to know more about him

and possibly have a decent conversation.

That's if he doesn't ignore me

next time. sigh.

Well, time will only tell of what's

to come.

Tenten goes to sleep to prepare for the next day in

the Ninja Military Headquarters.


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A fanmade story about TenTen from the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden franchise, where she meets someone at the Ninja Military Headquarters in Konoha and meets a character from a different anime franchise with same first letter in their name. Shoutout to ScriptBook/Deepstory AI for creating an AI Script writing tool! :) Project Image background credit: https://www.deviantart.com/lwisf3rxd/art/Parque-de-Entrenamiento-de-Sesei-Naruto-427621763