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Drake- Laugh Now, Cry Later (Freestyle Remix) Song Lyrics


Read the description first before reading the song freestyle remix lyrics.


Sometimes we eat and sometimes we cook, but we know now, yummy.

I ate half, she ate whole and I told her to slow down.

Let's take our time to eat this pizza and wings before we go out... (pause)

Around town

She said okay, so we finished and we were full now.

Verse 1

Walked outside exploring every area trying to find out what kind of land we had.

Then suddenly a portal opened as we got swept up.

Transported to another world different environment different people.

Isekai much?

It's time to find out what's going on because I have a hunch.

Verse 2

Afterwards we met someone

while walking around the buildings,

They told us that something bad could be happening.

And we needed to start training.

All of sudden we powered up, which caused the city to erupt

Ready to win big and not be a runner-up

Time to protect and save the city.

Here we go!! Then I asked, "Where are the protagonist taking a hold of this show?"

My friend and I don't want to placed up in the front row

No matter, we got to carry on and be the host!

We stop the antagonist by cooking dinner.

while eating as a winner. This isn't Food Wars anime, but I know different desserts

That's why I am the best for baking a cake.

Saved the anime world by eating and serving antagonist multiple food plates. (Hahaha)


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Another freestyle song remix with Drake's recent new song called Laugh Now, Cry Later! The song's story about an anime male and female who are both friends and decide to hang out with one another by eating at a restaurant in the beginning. Then suddenly after walking around town they get swept up and transported to another world like an Isekai anime. Read the song for more about the anime ballad story. Thanks for reading the description and enjoy!! Posted on December 4th, 2020

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