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Sam Smith- I'm Not the Only One (Freestyle Remix) Song Lyrics


Read the description first before reading the song freestyle remix lyrics.

Verse 1

You with me, We made a vow

For Better or for Worse.

I can't believe we let the fans down.

But the proof is in the way we lost, at a huge cost!!

For most of the NBA season, I've had my doubts.

I tried denying every big loss, can't change up the roster spots

Since I'm not the GM or above the Big Boss.

However, the franchise still needs me here


You said I'm crazy about us winning a championship.

Now we didn't Complete it

and I want to be traded this offseason.

Some players have a similar situation

because I know I'm not the only one.

Verse 2

The GM and Owner told me I am unavailable.

But kept silent about multiple trade rumors, and I asked why. (No response...)

My loyalty is gone and unattainable.

Even though I enjoy the city, state and fans, there is no way this team can advance.

I've given this sport's franchise a long chance and didn't even make a Finals appearance. (5 years)

I really miss the fan chants, when we do our team signature dance (GET PUMPED!!)

Plus, we didn't even run cohesive game-plans

Lineups and practices were always unorganized and a mess.

Our chemistry wasn't the best

In the playoffs we barely made it and stood no chance

So go ahead and trade me since the rebuild has now begun.


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Rewriting Song lyrics from the Sam Smith song called, "I'm Not the Only One" into a freestyle remix. The song scenario is about any basketball player that is stuck in a tough situation with the franchise's management office. They are singing about their frustrations with the franchise and how they career is not progressing in a way they thought it would be. Thanks for reading the description and the Ballad song remix! 😊Posted on December 2nd, 2020!!

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