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Story Mode Writing Creation: Modern Day Chunin Exams


One day I was watching some of the old Naruto openings and endings theme songs and while I was enjoying the songs, something came to mind for me to write a story. For those who watched and know the show Naruto, after the first arc in the series, which was the Land of Waves Arc, the next arc was the Chunin Exams, where the genin ninjas from the different villages had a chance to become a chunin by competing in the exams. So, I thought about writing a story and came up with a title: What if the Chunin Exams was Written in the Modern Day? In addition, when I mention the modern day, i am discussing technology use with cell phones, TVs and internet, cars etc. and another thing else that is used today. Moreover, I am going to write and focus on the first part of the Chunin Exams, which is a written exam based in a classroom setting. Creating a story for the written Chunin Exams portion is a little simpler for me to do, since it happens in one setting while the fighting parts of the exam is a little harder to do unless I have good ideas for that section or if somebody helps me on it. Nevertheless, here is the story I have written: What if the Chunin Exams was Written in the Modern Day?


Today's the day I get ready and finally take the toon exams. I have waited prepared six months for these Chunin Exams comma so I could upgrade my student status. We are recognized as one of the best teams in my class, so I have to show up and out to finally be upgraded in the ninja ranks!!

 My squad members are excited as well and have been training alongside me put his Chunin Exams. So, I wake up and take a shower, pack my travel bag, cook some breakfast to eat breakfast, turn off the lights, walk out the door and lock it,  then walk down stairs as I start my journey. 

 As I was walking on the street, I saw my master waiting beside my teammates, Kenji and Mai, as they were talking to Master Rou. 

 I don't know what they were discussing, but it sounded so intense and important, but I did not care as much. They finished talking, then looked at me and asked, "You ready for this exam?", I nodded and shouted "Of course, the Chunin Exams are not ready for me!!!""

They responded with an okay look and nodded. Master Rou said,  "Okay everyone get ready for this exam because they're making this one harder than before." We nodded and then he finished, "Work together, work smart, have fun and represent our city right?", we responded in unison with a loud, "Hai!!" and smiled. He smiled back at us, gave a thumbs-up and waved goodbye to us as our squad walked to the exam registration check-in building at the Heart of the City.

 We walked in and saw the table to check-in with the registration shinobi personnel. We told them our squad name, then they gave us each a piece of paper with a random number on it and told us to walk in the waiting room for the next step. As we arrived in the waiting room, we saw a whole lot of different squads from all kinds of places and looks we didn't even know existed. The opponents look scary and fierce when they looked at us being from the host City and we wore our city symbol on the sleeves of our jackets and headbands. 

 After a few minutes of being in the waiting room, they called us to the exam room and we walked in as separate squads. Each squad sat in different areas of the classroom as many other people started filling in the single seats and rows in groups. There was alot of long tables and desks that were grouped together based on the random numbers from the paper they gave us. 

 I sat down in the front row, while Kenji sat in the middle row, and Mai sat in the very back row with the new people from different villages. I don't know how many people felt it, but to me it felt like assigned seats was too much for a Chunin Exam. As we were seated, a proof of smoke appeared out of no where and a tall man with scars on his left face, right arm wrapped in bandages, while wearing a big dark green jacket and black shinobi pants with a serious look that indicated he was angry. The man shouted, "ALL RIGHT ROOKIE GENIN WHO IS READY TO FAIL THIS WRITTEN EXAM?!!!" After that the whole room tensed up and was silent, as he got everyone's attention facing forward to the front of room.

Then he said, "Okay, everyone here will take a written exam and if you pass then you move on, if not you will see what happens.", I gulped, then he continued, "Pass out the exams and make sure everyone gets one. And remember! No cheating! or else!" As soon as he finished, the exam officials passed out all the written exams and I stretched out my arms ready to get started. The paper was placed on my desk, looked at the first question and instantly my jaw dropped and yelled out a shocking/surprised, "NANI!!!!!" 😨😬  (and yes the whole room heard me scream out and looked at me with a "be quiet look or we will throw out this room" look.)  Then, I looked at up and sighed, "This will be a long day." 


Will I ever start the written exam? Can Kenji or Mai figure it out or they are are they confused about the exam too? Does the Main Character have a name? What will happen next in this story?

Find out next time and stay read up!!!

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Check out my story that I written from scratch based on inspiration from an anime that I watched in the 2000's. Which is none other than Naruto!! Thanks for reading my story and let me know what you think about. It's a rough draft and looking to improve on it. Have a good read on the story. :)