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Anime Rap Battle Episode 2: Fifth-Hokage Tsunade VS. Elegant Android 18 #Naruto #DBZ

Posted on July 3, 2020

Welcome to Anime Rap Battle Episode 2!!! For this episode post, we have the two most known and powerful female characters from their respective franchises going bar for bar like Hershey and KitKat! In one corner we got the ageless, wonder, jutsu master who found a way to have no wrinkles is: Tsunade (Hands Clapping together sound) rapping against the endless age, energizer that can charge any phone without a wired connection is: Android 18!! (Hands Clapping together sound).

Will this be a good one? Who knows? But you can found out now!!

All right! Get Ready! Set! Drop the Heat!!

(music plays)


Verse 1

That's right I'm the Fifth Hokage, the strongest kunoichi in the village, that's why they call me Sannin-Sensei,

You don't want these hands, so you better step away

You ain't the best blonde in a shounen series anime, it's me and I am here to stay (that's right)

Got Royal genes, history and blood flowing all through my charka veins

Skills and technique are elite and unmatched, as the granddaughter of Senju Hashirama this will be a snack

I don't mind taking out a scrap heap human to the trash, then recycle the parts down in the ground with an earthly smash

Compact it nice and neat like a folded box and say hello to the Flintstones because your new home is bedrock!! (ooooooo!!!)

Android 18

Verse 1

Hmmm that was neat, I expected you would recycle since you are in the Hidden Leaf

But still afraid of your Sannin past, so you had to jump ship and leave

I would give you water for this burn, but from what I heard and seen, you couldn't even handle that drink (oooohhhhh!!!)

I am the fearful, powerful, amazing, calm and best looking Android 18

I'm stacking up dubs while collecting tournament green

Yes, I was made in a lab so it makes me machine

But I'm still superior in skills and fighting unlike those leaf ninja human beings

That's right I know that I had to say it, no holding back because I am the best blonde and have no contenders

About to finish this battle just like some dinner

And to me your not a high level sannin or hokage, I seen better and I'm not sorry, this blonde debate would be way better if I faced Ino or Temari!!! (Woah!!! That was a lava one!)


Verse 2

Okay then I see what your saying, but you're not even a popular topic, that belongs to the super saiyans (ha)

In their base form everyone is talked about, but when the gold aura comes around

18 is off screen and being left out (aww)

And don't be too sad about it, if you were in a high position or had a detailed backstory, you could of been a big hit (haha)

But your just a side character, so might as well settle in and be a good blonde TenTen

This time I am not holding anything back, I'm about to spit some chakra fireball justu on this track, after that no dragon balls or reanimation justu can bring you back, not even my One Hundred Healings justu can work because you need to learn

that you will pay respect to your elders and Hokage!!!

I have been a top ranked kunoichi in medic ninjutsu and fighting, so I deserve to lead the way and this rap race

Been battle-tested from the second, third and fourth Great Ninja War

Won multiple battles, so I got some more bars that are scroll stored (yeah)

After this, the championship headband is what I will be wearing

Krillin should of been with Launch or the spin off, filter Bulma look-a-like character named Maron!!!

Android 18

Verse 2

Oh not the best blonde? I think you need another flashback to see where you actually belong (haha)

If I remember you didn't accomplish much as Hokage, since you slept, ate and drank then passed all the paperwork off to Shizune

You're not the best kunoichi around, that belongs to Mizukage Mei (Yeah, that's right)

It's time for me to power up because I have alot left to say!!!

Under your supervision and position the Leaf Village got demolished by Pain, Jiraiya the Sage was let go in vain, when it came to Madara you got easily slain,

And bought shame to the Senju name

So don't ever speak about Kirllin until you can handle your own villain

Also don't mention the saiyans, I can handle my own when it comes to battles and training

They respect me and expect me to gain this dub with commission

My squad versus your squad is simply a D-rank mission (hmm)

You were scared when you faced Orochimaru and Kabuto

Your importance is irrelevant in Boruto

Face it, your even not stronger than part 1 Itachi, Sasuke or Naruto!!!

Woah! This Anime Rap Battle might of been the best ever and personal from what it seems. Anyway, it was definitely a hot one just like the summer sun in July haha.

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Anime Rap Battle Episode 2 with Tsunade vs Android 18!! Lets get this started!! The Blonde Rap Battle! #anime #freestyle #rapbattle