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Thoughts on Anime Fighting Games and Why I Want to See Anime Fan Games

Hello everyone and people reading this blog post. I like video games in general and playing video games, sometimes seeing other creations of video games being made or concepts drawn out. In particular, I enjoy anime video games that can relate and adapt the material from the show or manga into a digital world where it can be played on a console, handheld or PC. In addition, I don't like the app games so much, since there is alot of them available and they look very similar when it comes to fighting and leveling up your team or character. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching anime and anime Youtube channels that dissect different themes, perspectives, history and public or unpopular opinions on the series or movie presented. Seeing the different types of anime being dissected and analyzed, really shows how much time and effort they put into making a video, let alone turning it into a whole channel using the same format and style to reach their audience's understanding through a relatable message for anyone to watch.

After reading this, you are probably asking yourself or thinking, why is this relevant to anime video games? Well, I believe it is important to making anime games of any genre, because having that perspective and respect of the original source material is beneficial of what your vision is in making a video game. I am saying this since the anime games that are being made today and the past few years since 2017 have been lackluster and unfulfilling with limited depth centralized to one genre. And the genre I am talking about is something everyone sees and hears most of the time when it comes to popular anime moments and debates from the general public is: Fighting!! Or Kame!(for those who get the reference haha). Yes! I am thinking about the anime fighting genre that everyone including your pet, parents, managers, kids and even people you don't know, have discussions when it comes to best the moments and scenes from any anime. The debates usually come down to who's stronger between Character A or Character B based on certain sources from the series or who would win in a fight, if they fought in the series head to head with no interruptions. Then, sometimes you would have the top 5 or 10 fights in the series discussions from the manga or anime or even both. Lastly, the discussion of fights someone wanted to see happen in the series but didn't is seldom from I what seen online in a blog or video format.

The next point I want to emphasize is that I do not DISLIKE the fighting game genre in anime games. I believe there are way overplayed and repetitive with the same structure, strategy and small to no story telling elements to make the gameplay fun for a casual and invested audience. In addition, I understand that every game doesn't have to be a long, drawn out retelling of the anime story and themes through characters and fighting; I want the game to be executed good with fresh new add-ons of the original concepts in the game. Even if it is a small or big unique add-on or alternate way of creating the story through fighting, I don't mind it since experimenting with a long lasting and ever growing franchise can bring an unique and fresh outlook for anyone to enjoy. An example of this, would be the games: Dragon Ball Fighterz, Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 1 and 2, Naruto Ultimate Ninja series, Naruto: Rise of Ninja and Broken Bond and One Piece: Pirate Warriors series. Those games in my opinion, have a unique design and vibe to it where fans of the series and new people can indulge fully into the game for fun, exploration and competition. I am not sure what and how these big companies come up with ideas and concepts for anime games towards the anime audience, but I think it's time for a change in this landscape of gaming. What I mean by change is, I want to see fans and casual fans take matter in their own hands by making their own anime fan games! I think it would be cool and amazing to see anime fans making their own games in whatever capacity they want it to be. For example, if a fan or group of fans came together to make an RPG or adventure game with mystery elements and a decent story telling script with some character dialogue, it could be something good to enjoy! Moreover, since fans are making the game, they are more likely to follow or adapt the original source materials into the game, where others who read or watched the series can have a connection to it while playing! I am open to see any game genre or game engine that indie developers and fans decide to make for anime fan games because I believe there is latent potential ready to be unlocked and spread out like Gohan from DBZ!! I also know that creating a game or app takes time, motivation, development and teamwork, but I believe the Anime Community can work as one with the right mindset and goal that it can happen, despite the obstacles and naysayers ahead (or it can be done with the power of friendship!! As we raise our hands to the sky! Haha 😂).

Overall, I know some people might read this and think it won't happen or some people who are interested in starting a game but don't have any idea where to start. I, myself do not have experience, but I do know there are tutorials and guides on Youtube for anyone to view and have a starting point on what they want to accomplish. I believe anybody can do anything and won't mind seeing anime fan games being created!!

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My thoughts on Anime Fighting Games and anime games in general with my own opinion and perspective. Thanks for reading my blog post! :) #anime #games #Naruto #DBZ #OnePiece "Growing Roots from the Ground Up"😀Photo Credit: