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Anime Rap Battle Ep. 1: DBZ Shernon vs. Kurama(Jinchuuriki)

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Are the contestants on both sides ready? Begin!!

Verse 1: Shernon

I'm the mighty dragon, the best beast from the East, don't care for the little fox because I'm about to feast,

the people love me ever since Dragon Ball to Z, I was the focus of DB since without me, they would fall and be deceased

I am green, magical and powerful like Piccolo fused with Kami, so go and run back into your forest pet store to eat some salami, don't know why you want to step to me for battle, since I got that special orb glow to make any tailed beast rattle!!!

Verse 1: Kurama

Okay its the Nine-Tailed, cunning and ferocious fox, whatever you say deserves a guaranteed drop, I don't need no charka since I'm coming in hot! The real beast is me since I arrived on the scene, can easily destroy West and Central City just like I did the Hidden Leaf (Blast Noise)

I'm the best on the set, glowing with a red cloak Naruto symbol on my chest, being ninth as a tailed beast with bars means I can destroy all the rest

Your a long, green dragon who doesn't fight or do action, so turn back to stone you slacking baby dragon and stay in the cave until the Earth is in danger and the Z-Fighters tell you to awaken!!

Verse 2: Shernon

Huh, telling me to turn back to stone? At least I'm not locked up in a pet cage all alone, so tell me how are you the top tailed beast on the throne (hmm)? Your hated by the world and Hidden Leaf Village, so I won't touch West City unless you want to be burned down to ashes by a fire spitting, magical, powerful dragon! Blazing hard more than a Charizard!! (ROAR!!)

You said I don't fight, but don't make me fuse with Piccolo, Kami and Nail, because it would be a scary powerful sight, then blast you to oblivion for your tailed beast friends to say goodbye, because for me its a good day, but to you its goodnight!!!

Verse 2: Kurama

Well, Well that's very good, but let me put you in place, since you called me a little cage pup (ROAR!!!)

First of all, I'm the strongest and dangerous, that's why the Leaf Village Hokage sealed me up, only half at that, now I'm fully unleashed to give you a full Bijuu charka infused beat down, transformed into a Ten Tails, gloves are off and it's over now. Only have to use my claws to scarp up the leftovers, no need for a Tailed Beast Bar Bomb because that is only for the strong! (Hmm) By the way, I perfer Porunga as a better dragon in the story where he belongs,

Since its evident from Frieza to Buu, if you disappeared and got replaced nobody would wish for you!!!

Whew!! That was some hot spitting and lyrical power coming from both sides of their respective anime franchise. Tell me who won and what do you think of this Anime Rap Battle Episode 1?

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It is an anime rap battle between both beast of their respective anime shows!! The magical, green dragon from Dragon Ball Z is none other than Shernon!!! And the ferocious, smart, powerful fox from Naruto Shippuden is the mighty Nine-Tailed Jinchuuriki from the Hidden Leaf is Kurama!! Let the best beast win!! #anime