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Late Shift and The Complex Interactive Game Review

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First off, I want to give a huge shout out to the Wales Interactive gaming company for developing and publishing these two interactive movie games. For those not aware, a FMV (full-motion video) or Interactive movie is a video game that uses film or live action scenes to showcase a story with decision making choices for you to decide the outcome of the story. An example of this is The Walking Dead series from Telltale games or the Mass Effect Series, where key choices you make in the game can have a positive or negative impact down the road in the story. Moreover, Wales Interactives' Late Shift and The Complex games has important decisions in the game where viewers and players can alter the ending for a positive or negative path. Furthermore, I will start by discussing The Complex interactive game first, because it was the first one I played in this type of genre. The Complex story is about a scientist, named Amy who is researching and experimenting with Nanocell technology for quicker and better human recovery. Then later in the story an incident happens in the research lab with the main character, Amy and co-star scientist, Reese where they have to escape to the lab and find safety before something big gets let out. I really got hooked with the game when I saw the trailer on YouTube with the sudden dialogue and act fast approach when it came to something serious and mysterious for the anticipation build up to the climax plot point in the story. When I first played it, I was glued in to the opening scenes of the quick decision making choices with the main characters having a sense of urgency. The scenes following the opening helps build the story of the nano cells and why it's important to know how big the science project is in the U.K. and what can happen if used in the right or wrong hands. Overall, it is a great game that I played with an amazing storyline and acting with all the camera work and production for the whole Interactive movie experience.

The next game I will discuss is called Late Shift, which is also set and filmed in the U.K. region. The main character in Late Shift is called, Matt, who is a valet parking attendant and college student studying math. One night while working in his valet parking job, he sees something strange happening after having a conversation with a lady, then checks out the crime scene. Afterwards, Matt finds out that a man was trying to steal a car but was stopped at gunpoint and told to get in the car to drive him to a house. From there the story goes on about a crime heist that happens, but goes awry after an accident occurring midway through the story. In addition, Matt is very strategic in predicting probabilities outcomes that can result from the choices people make. Which in my opinion, having the thought of probabilities for what Matt is thinking when a situation comes up is very unique. Also, the big co-star in this Interactive movie is called May-Ling and she becomes Matt's partner due to circumstances, which is a really good dynamic to see from both characters. I watched and enjoyed the dialogue from the Matt and May-Ling characters, which shows the great acting and emphasis from the actors playing a great part in their role. If they had another movie made together in a video game or streaming service, I would watch it to see how happens from start to finish. Overall, Late Shift is a great game with dialogue, acting, camera work and storytelling with the different choices being available to pick from.

If you are interested in both these games, you can look into it and see for yourself on what you like! Both games have multiple choices and endings to watch and play out to past the time. Again, shout out to Wales Interactive for making these FMV games and continue to work hard, have fun and create more games! Lastly, I want to congratulate every actor, actress, camera crew and personnel, production team, story writers costume design, soundboard team and all the directors for collaborating together to make an amazing product for the audience to play and experience for ourselves! Have a great day everyone and be positive! :)

Check out the trailer for Late Shift here and The Complex here on the Wales Interactive Youtube Channel!

Credit for the videos goes to Wales Interactive and they have a Twitter page here!

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My review on the Wales Interactive games called The Complex and Late Shift. Thanks for reading my blog post and leave a comment! :)